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Welcome to Recolda - Elevate Your Merchandising and Field Sales Strategy

At Recolda, we’re your ultimate solution for revolutionizing both merchandising and field sales management. We’re not just another merchandising application; we’re your comprehensive tool for streamlining these critical operations.

With Recolda, you can effortlessly collect, organize, and analyze critical data—all while benefiting from a user-friendly interface and a seamless user experience.

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Mobile Merchandising

Mobile Merchandising

Merchandisers wield a powerful and user-friendly tool, gaining an edge on the shop floor. From now on, merchandisers dispose of a powerful yet easy to use cloud-based mobile app optimizing space-use in point of sales



• Efficient management and control of all retail execution activities.

• Store-based retail audit setup and on-the-field data capture.

• Comprehensive mobile functionality with seamless offline/online capabilities.

• Effective mobile planning of routes and activities.

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Monitoring Retail Execution

Monitoring Retail Execution with Recolda provides you with real-time visibility into your merchandisers’ in-store activities, allowing you to track progress, ensure compliance, and uncover growth opportunities. With Recolda, managing your retail operations has never been more efficient and insightful.

Real-Time Visibility
Task's Tracking
Discovering Opportunities
On-Field Collaboration
Mapping Your Clients
Who to Visit?
Enjoyable Drag-and-Drop SchedulinG
Appoint what needs to be done

Mobile Route and Activity Planning

Recolda streamlines mobile route and activity planning, offering an intuitive solution for efficient scheduling and task assignment. With Recolda, managing on-the-go tasks and optimizing routes has never been easier.

Retail Execution and Visual Merchandising

Recolda excels in retail execution and visual merchandising, offering a comprehensive solution that empowers merchandisers to efficiently collect in-store data, capture photos, manage inventory, and streamline order-taking, all through a user-friendly interface. With Recolda, optimizing your retail operations has never been more accessible and effective.

In-Store Data Collection
Instant captures
Smart inventory
Order Taking
Adapted forms for each business
Structured Verification
Online and Offline

Retail Store Audits

Recolda simplifies retail store audits by offering customizable forms, allowing retailers to efficiently gather essential audit data. With Recolda’s user-friendly mobile app, conducting and managing retail audits has never been more straightforward and effective.

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